Home again, jiggety jig

Hello, adventurers! All right, well I fell off the wagon a bit with the daily posting. The wifi was a little spotty when I was trying to upload photos for my Day 6 update on Tuesday, the first and only time that was an issue for the whole trip. By Wednesday I was just trying to soak up every last drop of our trip and also figure out how exactly to repack all of our belongings.

Now we’re back in North Carolina and recovering not just from jet lag but a post-Adventure hangover. How is real life supposed to compare to this? 577ede41-881b-4407-88ea-28132f08dd16

That’s us on the steps where the filmed “Do Re Me” in The Sound of Music. See?


Anyway, I’m still going to post a recap from our last couple of days (spoiler alert: I’m in love with Salzburg) but it’s going to have to happen between loads of laundry and snuggles with Dexter. Stay tuned!

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